ComplexSys Solutions is a robotics and autonomous systems consultancy. We provide engineering services and turn-key solutions to develop and integrate autonomous systems.

Whether it drives, flies, floats or grasps, we make it work for you.




Our proof of concept studies quickly iterate through design ideas and identify risk and opportunities. Our dynamic, robot, fluid and mechanical simulations provide detailed insight into the performance of a design and accelerate the design process.


We provide mechanical, electrical and software engineering design services. We provide you with detailed engineering reports, 3D models, engineered production drawings and BOMs. Our engineering services are practical, integrated and agile.


We manufacture, code, integrate and test custom equipment. We integrate existing software libraries and physical equipment whenever possible and rapid-manufacture components and develop custom software, when required.


We have worked on a wide array of projects. Many of our projects are completed under NDA, but below is a snapshot of the projects we have completed.

UAV Development

A robotics company wanted to get its highly maneuverable, concept Unmanned Aerial Vehicle airborne. ComplexSys Solutions provided simulation services to improve on the existing mechanical design. We also developed and integrated a novel control and perception system to stabilize and control the vehicle.


Robot Arm Development

An engineering company wanted to develop a robotic arm with a high number of joints. ComplexSys Solutions provided simulation services to inform the mechanical design and control system services to control the robotic arm effectively and intuitively.

Industrial Automation

A manufacturer needed to upgrade its tire curing machines while balancing the need to keep costs low. ComplexSys Solutions provided simulation and design services to improve the machine’s design and provided integration services to integrate the new equipment within the existing PLC system.

About Us

ComplexSys Solutions is a fully licensed engineering company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We are your partner during the entire product development cycle - from your initial idea to successful deployment. We provide turn-key solutions but we can also become an integral part of your team, providing you with specific expertise where and when you need it.

We believe in identifying opportunities and challenges early and addressing them head-on, in a pragmatic manner. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel so where possible we use existing technology and products.


We have a strong foundation in design complimented with extensive business and practical experience. This allows us to see your challenge from all angles and find the balance between opposing objectives.


Our experience ranges from electrical and mechanical design to software and systems design, allowing us to speak to every aspect of your autonomous system.


We blend complex math and abstract ideas with down to earth practicality. We pride ourselves on our ability to reduce a problem to its essentials and then find practical solutions that get the job done.


Interested in working with ComplexSys Solutions?

We are always looking for new members to join our team. If you are looking for an opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects, expand your skills and be a part of the growing field of robotics and autonomous systems, then please submit your cover letter and CV to

We offer a competitive salary, flexible work arrangements (including remote/telecommuting), mentoring, and a significant degree of independence and autonomy working on cutting edge autonomous systems and robotics projects.

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